Friendship with the World (James 4:1-6)

In this sermon, Pastor Clint quoted Jonathan Edwards from a book called “Thoughts on Revival.” He describes spiritual pride vs spiritual humility. This information is from a sermon by Tim Keller.

  • Spiritual pride makes you more aware of others faults than my own. Spiritual humility makes you far more aware of you own faults than others.
  • Spiritual pride leads you to speak of others faults with an air of contempt or distain. Spiritual humility, when you speak of others faults you do so with grief and mercy.
  • Spiritual pride leads you to separate from those who criticize you or you separate and avoid them. Spiritual humility means you stick with people in difficult relationships, you don’t give up.
  • A proud person is dogmatic about every point of belief and cannot distinguish between a major and minor point of doctrine. A spiritually humble person is able to make that distinction, they are flexible.
  • A proud person loves to confront because they life winning or you refuse to confront because you don’t like controversy. A spiritually humble person confronts when necessary.
  • A spiritually proud person is often unhappy and feels sorry for themselves. They are filled with self-pity because, a) they are sure how life ought to go and b) they are sure they deserve a good life. A spiritually humble person believes they should be cast off but it is by God’s grace they are able to live.