Worship Leader

Denominations: Non-Denominational 
Church Size: 100 to 125
Job Type: Part-Time

Hope Church is currently seeking a Part-Time Worship Leader who will take ownership of the worship ministry. Hope Church is a community that values people over programs, and so we are looking for someone who not only has gifts for worship leading but has a pastor’s heart for the lost and broken. We are also looking for someone who can balance the needs of a contemporary / traditional music, leading to the next generation.

As a part-time position, we understand most candidates will other work responsibilities alongside this one, and so this position is very flexible and more about meeting the needs of the community than “putting in the hours”.

The worship leader will be responsible for leading worship at Hope Church on a weekly basis (48/52 Sundays per year) and will assist the Senior Pastor to find replacements on his/her weeks off. The worship leader will plan services in collaboration with the Senior Pastor.

The successful candidate will:

  • Be experienced in contemporary worship, leading from either the piano or guitar.

  • Be a gifted vocalist

  • Live in the greater St. Louis area

  • Have a teachable spirit to lead the music/praise team

  • Be ready to learn the ins and out of the Hope Church media system


The WL will be responsible for all areas of Worship Ministry at Hope Church including all teams, services, systems, equipment, and rehearsals.

  1. Teams: Band (Including Singers), Lyrics Team, Sound Team. Teams will be scheduled and used on a regular basis.

    • Services: The WL will lead for Sunday Worship Services as well as Special Services (Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.)

    • Systems: Develop and Manage Planning Center Online and all its functions

    • Equipment: Personally, as well as train teams, to care for, use, and maintain all equipment used for

    • Worship ministry. WL will have full access to the equipment to be used as he sees fit.

    • Rehearsals: The WL will hold a rehearsal to prepare the band for each Service (except in extenuating circumstances)

  2. The WL will be expected to be present at all staff and leadership meetings/functions (if they do not interfere with other vocational obligations) including:

    • Weekly staff meetings

    • Weekly one-on-one w/ the Senior Pastor

    • Annual training events and/or leaders retreats

    • Relevant music/staff meetings (as they pertain to worship ministry)

    • Monthly Board meetings (Normally the third Tuesday of the month).


Based on $15-$20/hr at 10 hrs/week, an annual salary would be $7,800-$10,400 with four Sundays off per year.  Starting salary would be based on experience.

This position has the potential to grow with more hours/compensation.

This position does NOT offer any extra benefits.


Please send all resumes, links, and mp3 audio/visuals to apply@hope-church.com