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Church Security Training


Location: Hope Church, 4200 Brown Road, Berkley, MO 6313

ST. LOUIS CHURCHES have been invited to Hope Church for this dynamic training.

The Church Security Planning and Intruder Awareness training equips participants to create a personalized security plan that protects the congregation while maintaining a welcoming environment. You can choose from a 1- or 2-day option, but both days are recommended and the subjects interrelate.

If you are interested in participating, contact Cecil Raymer 636-578-0481 or go to


Day 1 Overview: Church Security Planning
At the end of the day, you’ll be thoroughly equipped to begin (or re-launch or improve) your church security ministry. Each participant will leave with a comprehensive, practical 75-page workbook.

We’ll address key topics including:
• Intruder response
• Lockdown
• Offering collection, protection, and transport
• Nursery security
• Medical response
• Volunteer selection
• Armed vs. unarmed security
• Protecting the pastor
• The role of ushers and greeters






Day 2 Overview: Intruder Awareness/Response and Conflict Management
Equip and empower your frontline team (security volunteers, ushers, greeters) to spot and stop trouble before it starts. This training helps team members identify suspicious behavior and act peacefully and proactively with the goal of de-escalating potential conflicts.


Key topics will include:
• Creating a culture of awareness
• Lockdown
• Recognizing suspicious behavior
• Approaching suspicious or armed individuals
• Verbal conflict management & de-escalation
• The role of ushers, greeters and other frontline team members


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