ADULT CLASSES           Sunday, 9:00 am     


MEN AND WOMEN – all ages


Teacher: Dave Gibson in the Blue Room (201A)

This informal group setting provides opportunity for discussion as we seek to become more like Christ and gain a deeper understanding of how to live out our faith in today’s world.  The book of Isaiah provides a comprehensive prophetic picture of Jesus Christ.  It includes the full scope of His life: the announcement of His coming (Isaiah 40:3–5), His virgin birth (7:14), His proclamation of the good news (61:1), His sacrificial death (52:13–53:12), and His return to claim His own (60:2–3).



Teacher: Gary Ferch in the Blue Room (201B)

His single longest time of discipleship, teaching, camaraderie and training was poured into the church of Ephesus by the apostle Paul.  This church was loved and grew to become one of the most mature churches in the first century.   The book of Ephesians contains encouraging and empowering words of life for maturing Christians.  It also contains one of the clearest explanations of salvation in the Bible.  Our lives are transformed as we study what God says to us through this unique book.


I SAMUEL (New to Hope? Join us.)

Teacher:  Pastor Clint Hamilton in Brown Room (106)

We are currently studying the life of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, Saul the first king and David, the man after God’s own heart. What is God looking for in the lives of His people? This book offers a wonderful study of various characters and the type of person God chooses to use to lead the family and lead in any other type of setting.


BASIC BIBLICAL LIVING/TRUTHS (New to the faith?  Join us.)

Teacher: Terry Talley in Lower Level Kitchen

Gain a deeper understanding of practical wisdom and everyday living!  Questions invited.  

In the book of Romans, Paul provides insight into the life of the early church.  This study offers a better understanding of how the early church started, what they believed and how it applies to life today.


WOMEN – all ages

Teachers:  Sheila Youngblood/Mary Mazzola in Conference Room in Church Office

Relaxed, informal setting for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus and other women.


YOUNG SINGLES (college/career)

Teachers:  Steve and Susan Arthur in Cranberry Room (102)

A place for young adults to fellowship and grow closer to the Lord and one another.  We study various biblical topics applicable to our stage in life.  Join us for breakfast and chat about life, community and the Gospel.