ADULT CLASSES           Sunday, 9:00 am     



9:00 am




Teacher: Dave Gibson in the Blue Room (201A)

This informal group setting provides opportunity for discussion as we seek to become more like Christ and gain a deeper understanding of how to live out our faith in today’s world.



Teacher: Gary Ferch in the Blue Room (201B)

We will take a close look into the book of Revelation and beyond.  We have good reference books and notes each Sunday available for all who are interested in the study of the end times.   How close are we?   How does Revelation relate to the church of today?  Who was revelation specifically written to?



Teacher: Terry Talley in Lower Level Kitchen

Gain a deeper understanding of practical wisdom and everyday living!  Questions invited.  Currently studying the life of the early church in the Book of Acts so that we understand how the early church started, what they believed and how it applies to life today.



Teacher:  Pastor Clint Hamilton in Brown Room (104)

DVD series by Paul Tripp on faith. It is a series based upon Hebrews 11. When you read Hebrews 11 we see that our great heroes of the Bible were men and women just like you and I. They at times were weak and had to face many different challenges. But in the midst of these challenges they still held on to the object of their faith, Jesus. This is a nine week series that looks at various aspects of faith; the object of our faith, the definition of faith, authentic faith and faith that changes you are just a few of the topics that we will study. I invite you to join us each Sunday downstairs in room 104. And yes we begin the morning with food!

"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” (Hebrews 11:6).


Teachers:  Sheila Youngblood in Conference Room in Church Office

Relaxed, informal setting for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus and other women.



Teachers:  Steve and Susan Arthur in Cranberry Room (102)

A place for young adults to fellowship and grow closer to the Lord and one another.  We kick of the year with a study of Psalm 119 and will see how it is applicable to our stage in life?  Join us for breakfast and chat about life, community and the Gospel.