1. What is your worship style?
    Our style is contemporary and Biblical.  We do not worship with our lips only but with our hearts as well.  When you study the life of King David, and the Psalms you find that the Hebrews worshiped with all their being.
  2. Do you have ministries for children?
    Yes, children are important to the Lord and to us.  We do not believe in just babysitting.  Jesus said, "Do not stop the children from coming to Me."  We believe in training even the youngest among us to know Jesus and to be His disciple.  We use age appropriate material and methods in our training. 
  3. What is your dress code?
    We believe in dressing modestly.  We want people to focus on Jesus and not on what someone is or is not wearing.  Most people dress business casual.
  4. How long do your services last?
    Normally the service lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.  We understand people are very busy, but we also understand, and greatly desire to spend time in worship, in the Word, in ministry and in fellowship.
  5. What kind of church are you?
    We are a non-denominational church that values the Word of God as our standard for living.