Safely in Seattle!

I arrived in Kent, a suburb of Seattle, yesterday morning at 8:15. I was able to visit with my dad and my dads wife, Mary. I also went and visited with my grandmother who turns 99 on Friday! Happy birthday Granny! She is a very special person in our family. I remember many things about her; birthday parties, money in the birthday card, celebrating Christmas at her house, great food like potatoe salad and chocolate pie and playing the marble game. I even lived with her and my grandfather at one time. Still sharp witted and a joy at 99! 

Today I travel north to Mt. Vernon where I will meet my brother Verl. We will make a few adjustments to my bike and Lord willing begin our journey into Canada and Alaska Friday morning. Thanks for all of your prayers! I am praying for all of you. 

Grace and peace,


 Happy 99th birthday Granny! 

Happy 99th birthday Granny!