Checking in from Alaska

My brother and I crossed the border from Canada to Alaska yesterday (Wednesday) evening at 5:00. It is hard to believe that we made it driving the Alaska highway. What an adventure! Beautiful scenery, moose, sheep, rain, a bit of hail, wind, a bike in need of repair, miles of dirt and gravel in construction zones, following pilot cars, camping, meeting all sorts of interesting people and then the sign welcoming us to Alaska. It felt great to get the "move on" sign from the border agents. As we rode away the scenery was beautiful. 

On our way to see John and Kate Ferch in Palmer today (Thursday) we stopped at this lake. It was incredibly calm and you could see the reflection of the mountain off the water. I hope you enjoy this picture. It is a great reminder of our Creator.

God bless you! 

Pastor Clint


 Mantasta Lake

Mantasta Lake